We have endless options

for growth today so

why do we find

ourselves and our

organizations stuck?


We are in a daily battle between moving forward or staying the same in our life, leadership, & organizations. Often times we don’t know where to turn or where our next move, breakthrough, or strategy should be. 


Don’t lead alone. Consider what working with someone that is for you or your organization that can give fresh eyes to where you are at and act as a guide to provide the frameworks to get where you want to go. 


I work with clients to gain deep understanding of what is happening and where can you move forward to have maximum impact, influence, integrity, & income. 


My ideal clients are people & organizations that understand that there is more possible to achieve than they are currently experiencing. Clients that are motivated to trust the process and commit to doing the work it takes to break and rebuild belief, mindset, and habits to become the absolute best possible. 


Over the past 11 years, I've had the

opportunity to lead at & learn from 

incredible churches in Life.Church

& Transformation Church 

executing in various ministry roles.

My heart for to create this type of

coaching comes from understanding

specific pain points of Pastors

& Church Leaders to specialize 

in the following areas to help create a plan,

process, and pathways for incredible results for churches.



    "We have all the

    volunteers we need!!"


    Wouldn't that be great for

    all churches to be able to say. Unfortunately it isn't something all churches can say. Allow Kyle to train you, your team, and key leaders a clear process to engage more people to take a next step into ministry.



    "We are often blind to the

    things we see all the time."


    Seeing your church in action

    allows the opportunity to provide fresh eyes to identify what it

    going great, what opportunities

    are available, & valuable insight through the lens of a churches

    most important person, the guest. ​

  • TEAM


    "The future of your church rises & falls on the leadership

    development of your team." 


    We all agree that we should be developing those on our teams but sometimes the busyness of doing ministry replaces the growth of those leading the ministry.

    Overcoming this pitfall allows for

    predictable & sustained success. 



    "An investment in a

    person who's willing to

    work never returns void."


    Providing individual coaching for

    team members will allow them to

    know you care about them as a

    person as well as a pastor or leader

    on your team. Creating a customized plan for growth regardless of the role tells your team you are for them and

    believe in where they can go.

Numbers Tell A Story.


Unique People

Led on Teams


Ministry Volunteers



Average ROI





As a self diagnosed "learn it all", my desire to be a lifelong learner and to apply what I know has produced a passion for helping others discover & pursue the absolute best version of themselves. Helping you thrive in purpose, relationships, energy, & power to create the life you can only dream about now.


But how?


Through extremely intentional 1:1 Coaching focusing on the areas that matter most in life. It is a customized plan to take you from where you are to where you dream to be. It is a simple but never easy work of confronting your limiting beliefs, deciding to move forward, and continuing to remind yourself why you got started in the first place.


    "Two most important days of your life are when you are

    born and the day you realize why."


    The awareness of why you are on this earth will determine how you live your life. Through proven assessments we will define or deepen what you need to do and more importantly, who you need to become.


    Once we determine your next step

    in purpose, we then start to build

    the walls to your success.


    "The health of the relationships closest to you tell me more

    information over any spreadsheet or presentation could say."


    In our coaching, we will determine if you take care of yourself as good as everyone else. Do you tend to your hobbies & business more than your relationship with your spouse or kids?


    We want to guide you to complete presence in the moment you are in. ​


    "How we approach life matters.

    It has the power to lift up

    or crush a situation.


    We all have moments where we don't "feel like" or "we aren't in it", however we can't stay there. That type of feeling sucks the air out of any situation. It creates environments you and those around you walk on eggshells and that is not beneficial for anyone.


    We focus on having the right mindset,

    belief, and vision to regain power when

    life hits us in the mouth. 


    "We only have so much to give without refueling. A vehicle that neglects care will eventually be forced to."


    This point may be argued but I believe that the most important person you can take care of is you. When you take care of yourself, it allows you to show up for everything else you need to do and be fully. 


    You must protect yourself and

    ensure you are growing, caring,

    and developing the one you look

    at in the mirror everyday.